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A Twist of Fortune

The first review of A Twist of Fortune has been posted on

A Twist Of Fortune is a piece of crime fiction set in and around Grand Bank Newfoundland, Canada. Sergeant Winston Windflower is a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. This is the fourth book about the sergeant. The book opens with Windflower’s girlfriend, Sheila, being taken away in handcuffs at a community protest about the closure of the local fish plant.

Winter is making itself know in this part of the world and Windflower and his small team must patrol and close the highways as necessary when the snowstorms blow through. During one storm there is car accident, Michael Ridgeway a local pharmacist is killed. After the storm has cleared and the car is recovered a second body is found, that of local outlaw biker Frankie Fallon. Post mortems produce evidence of opiate and narcotics abuse .

Windflower and his team find themselves working with other officers to solve a much wider drug ring. Meanwhile the Mayor has a fatal heart attack and the local community is shaken up once more.

This book is a leisurely stroll through some of Canada’s wild places, where no one can hide from the effects of crime. We get an insight into the communities and people who choose to live away from the bright lights of the cities.

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