New Sgt. Windflower book coming on September 24

2020 PROMO

The wait is almost over. A Perfect Storm Book 9 in the series will be officially released on September 24, 2020. Come back to Gran Bank for more fun, food and adventure with Sgt. Windflower and all the gang.

Sgt Windflower is back, untangling another swirling mystery, this one bringing the meth crisis and biker gangs to the quiet Newfoundland town of Grand Bank, feeling the sting of their deadly tentacles reaching all the way from Las Vegas.  He’s working with his familiar crew of RCMP characters – but wait, are some of the faces changing? New challenges for Jones, an unknown side of Smithson reveals itself, and what ever happened to Tizzard?  In the midst of putting the pieces of the puzzle together, Windflower and his beloved Sheila also find themselves navigating sorrows and surprises on the family front.

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A Perfect Storm

Stay tuned for a Cover Reveal of A Perfect Storm. Coming soon.

Review Copies will be available soon from NetGalley. If you would like a pdf ARC, please let me know.

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