Every Picture Has a Story

The picture on the cover of All That Glitters is from Newfoundland. But I have to confess that I didn’t know where it was from in Newfoundland. My excellent cover designer, Patti Moran found it online, added her magical touches and the ATG cover was born. I loved it then, and still do. But there’s a story behind this picture. And thanks to social media I just found out what that is.

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And I get a Facebook message from a woman who says that this is a picture of her grandfather’s property in Newfoundland. I ask her where it is from. Turns out that this is from a small community called Change Islands. A small town of 300 people on the northeast coast of Newfoundland. 

The woman said that she was surprised but very happy to see it pop up in her FB feed and that it was close to the anniversary of her grandmother’s passing. She took that as a message or a sign of something. I just think that it’s pretty neat. That we are able to make a connection over thousands of miles and years of memories.

All That Glitters is available for Pre-Order and Will be on Sale May 19

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Here’s a teaser from All That Glitters:

Sergeant Winston Windflower is moving on to a new chapter of his life, no longer an RCMP officer but now a Community Safety Officer in his home of Grand Bank, Newfoundland.

But when a body is found in the bed and breakfast he co-owns, diamonds are found in the body’s digestive system, and then Windflower’s friend Dr. Sanjay, who was given the diamonds for safekeeping, is kidnapped, it’s clear that crime has returned once more to Grand Bank.

Windflower finds himself back in the thick of it, helping his newly promoted friend, RCMP Corporal Eddie Tizzard, track down a ruthless diamond smuggler who will stop at nothing — kidnapping, even murder — to pull off his dirty business.

This is another finely spun Windflower mystery that contrasts suspense and tension with the joys of friendship, family, and gratitude.

All That Glitters will soon be available from Amazon all over the world or directly from Ottawa Press and Publishing. Signed copies are available at:

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