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Why I’m Giving Books Away


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The Sgt. Windflower Reading Equality Program

I have now published seven books in the Sgt. Windflower Mystery Series and each time I have chosen to give away a number of copies, absolutely free. Not only that, but I actively seek out strangers or near strangers on social media to give them away to. Now, I am not giving away all copies of my books. I am neither rich nor daft and I am not particularly altruistic, but I do believe in helping people to read my book.

And quite honestly not everyone can afford to buy a book, especially new books. Tons of people are living on a tight budget, on social assistance or on a fixed income because of disability or not being able to work anymore. It’s hard to comprehend in this world of plenty, but twenty bucks is a lot of money if you haven’t got it and one of the ‘luxuries’ that many people give up is purchasing new books. They wait until they are available from the library or get them lent from friends or from the second-hand bookstore. I support libraries, but why do some people have to wait?

I realize that I can’t give anybody a raise in their monthly stipend to help them with their book budget, but I can help at least a few of them enjoy my new books, fresh out of the printer’s box. I believe in an idea called Reading Equality, a radically new concept that everyone should have access to quality, new release books. That’s why I am making 25 copies of Darkest Before the Dawn available to people on a low or fixed income. I am advertising this offer on Facebook and Twitter and as the time of writing there are still a few copies left.

If you want one or know of someone who could use one but can’t afford it, just message me with the mailing address and I will send a copy in the mail. And yes, I will even sign them. No questions asked. You can send me a message thru Sgt. Windflower Mysteries or Facebook. The links are at the bottom of this post.

Of course, if you have the money, I hope you will consider buying a copy for yourself. Maybe even one for somebody you know doesn’t have the cash. Pay it forward. It works for me.

And if you want to help get this book into even more hands, ask your local library to order a copy. They’re looking for your suggestions. And if they don’t have the budget, tell them to contact me and we’ll make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Here’s where you can get Darkest Before the Dawn

Darkest Before the Dawn is available in many bookstores across Canada including Chapters/Indigo and many independent stores.
















I Love Indies!! (Independent Book Stores)

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I love Indies!!

One of the joys of being a writer is to see your books on the bookshelves of a book store. It’s even better when it’s in one of your favourite bookstores. Here are 3 of my favourite independent bookstores where you can find the new Sgt. Windflower Mystery: Darkest Before the Dawn

Books on Beechwood

35 Beechwood Avenue

Ottawa, Ontario


Books on Beechwood is an independent, locally owned, bookstore that reflects the interests of the surrounding neighbourhoods. The selections on literary fiction, biography, and history are particularly strong. They also have a good selection of mysteries, of children’s books and of cookbooks. The collection of several thousand books in the store is backed by the ability to order from a suppliers list of millions of volumes. They are very involved in the community and host special events such as book signings. They also have their own two book clubs which you are welcome to join.


Sleuth of Baker Street

907 Millwood Road

Toronto, Ontario


Sleuth of Baker Street is a bookstore that specializes in mysteries, crime novels, detective fiction, Sherlockiana, spy and thriller novels…lots and lots of mysteries…British, American, Canadian…new, used, out of print. If they haven’t got it, they’ll find it. A newsletter worth paying for, and if you want something other than a mystery, they do lots of special orders.

See You There on  October 20


Novel Idea Bookstore

156 Princess Street

Kingston Ontario



Novel Idea is a fabulous locally owned and operated independent book store located in the heart of downtown Kingston, Ontario. It has a great selection of national best sellers and local authors and it’s is both a fan and friend of local authors. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the Kingston area.


You can also order Darkest Before the Dawn online






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Reviews of Darkest Before the Dawn are Coming In: And People Love It!!

Front Cover

Online Book Review 4 out of 4 Stars

“Really, what’s not to love? Style, check. Grammar, check. Plot, check. Character development, double check. I rate Darkest Before the Dawn 4 out of 4 stars. If you enjoy good murder mysteries and thrillers, you should read this book”

First Review on Great Setting, Lovely Characters, Topical Plot

“To me, this series is truly cozy – the crimes are realistic, but not excessively detailed; there’s an interesting central character (a Cree Indian Mountie), a great location (Newfoundland, Canada), a small-town setting; snappy dialogue; richly-detailed and dimensional secondary characters; intriguing plots; a love of food; and a good dog. That hits all the points on my cozy list.”

Denise Z.

First NetGalley Review  Like Taking a Leisurely Holiday

“It was just such a pleasure to read this book; pleasant, like taking a leisurely holiday away from my usual detective thrillers, intriguing, well-written and relaxing.  I finished this book with the sense that the mystery storyline was actually secondary to the story of Sgt. Windflower, his family, friends and colleagues, and the intertwining of their lives in a small Newfoundland community – punctuated by the odd murder or two.”

Hazel M.

Coming in the November issue of Midwest Book Review 

“The story line is as rooted in home life and community plans as it is in murder and motive. Readers interested in a small-town setting and a whodunit that is satisfyingly complex and thought-provoking will find Darkest Before the Dawn excels at creating a realistic atmosphere that keeps the story fast-paced and involving.”

Darkest Before the Dawn is highly recommended for murder mystery readers who like their stories as filled with life as with death.”

Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review











Darkest Before the Dawn is Ready for Take-Off

Front Cover


Darkest Before the Dawn, the new Sgt. Windflower Mystery is ready for take-off. It will be formally released on all platforms on October 1, 2018. Look for it online through Amazon worldwide and through Indigo. Chapters and Coles stores across Canada.

And we have our first review….

First Review of Darkest Before the Dawn from Supergirl1 on the Online Book Club site

“Really, what’s not to love? Style, check. Grammar, check. Plot, check. Character development, double check. I rate Darkest Before the Dawn 4 out of 4 stars. If you enjoy good murder mysteries and thrillers, you should read this book”


We’re Having a Party: Book Launch on October 4, 2018

Come Celebrate the Launch of the latest Sgt. Windflower Mystery

Darkest Before the Dawn

6:30-8:00 pm Thursday October 4, 2018

Books on Beechwood

35 Beechwood Ave

There will be Cake!!


More Events in October and November. Details to Follow. Stay Tuned



Toronto October 20, 2018 2-4 pm

Sleuth of Baker Street

Book Signing with Ann Shortell and Lynn McPherson


Ottawa October 27, 2018

Chapters South Keys 1:30-4 pm

Book Signing with Linda Wiken



Ottawa November 15 Ottawa Public Library Alta Vista Branch 6:30-8 pm

Sleuth Hounds Mystery Club


Ottawa November 25 Indigo Barrhaven 1-4 pm

Book Signing with CWC Authors


You can order Darkest Before the Dawn from



Ottawa Press and Publishing


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New Sgt. Windflower Mystery is Ready for Pre-Order from Chapters/Indigo

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Darkest Before the Dawn is Now Available for Pre-Order from Chapters Indigo

Darkest Before the Dawn is the latest adventure of Sgt. Winston Windflower, a Mountie who finds himself surrounded by a new family and a new life in tiny Grand Bank, Newfoundland. There are signs of trouble that may disturb his pleasant life, including a series of unsolved break-ins and the lack of supports for young people in the most trying time of their lives. But there are always good friends, good food and the sense that if we all pull together, we can find a way to get through even the darkest days.

Ghosts, mysterious deaths, and a new character enliven the pages as Windflower and Tizzard and the other police officers awaken the secrets that have been lying dormant in this sleepy little town. The deeper they dig the more they find as the criminals they seek dive deeper behind the curtains of anonymity and technology. But more than anything, this is a story of love and loss, of growing up and learning how to grow old gracefully. It is also about family and community and looking after each other. Of not giving up hope just before the dawn.


Book Launch in Ottawa Oct 4, 2018

Come join us at the best little bookstore in Ottawa, Books on Beechwood (Beechwood and McKay) from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. on Thursday October 4, 2018 for the launch of the latest Sgt. Windflower Mystery, Darkest Before the Dawn.

There will be cake!!!

New Sgt. Windflower Book is at the Publishers!!

Grand Bank Hr


We are very happy to announce that there will soon be another adventure in the Sgt. Windflower Mystery Series. Darkest Before the Dawn will be released by Ottawa Press and Publishing on Oct 1. It has also been selected by Chapters/Indigo as a Local Author readers choice and will be profiled in Newfoundland and Atlantic Canada at select stores. Pretty exciting!!

About Darkest Before the Dawn

There’s a new member of the family and many of the old characters are back. Come in and sit down at the Mug-Up café for a bowl of moose soup and a chat with the locals. Maybe they’ll be talking about the “crime wave’ in Grand Bank or when the fog will blow back out into the Atlantic. Or maybe they’ll more interested in what kind of fancy cupcakes might be on offer today. They’re sum good b’y!!

Oh. And wait til you meet Molly….

Advance review copies in pdf version will be available soon. If you want one, please e-mail me @ or send a message in the contact form.

Book Launch will be Ottawa in early October, likely at Books on Beechwood, my favourite independent bookstore in Ottawa.

Stay up to date will all the news from Sgt. Windflower by following us on Facebook at



News from Sgt. Windflower Mysteries

Cover pic 2

Book Signing Feb 17 in Ottawa, Goodreads Giveaway and More Great Reviews for A Tangled Web

Book Signing Feb 17 11-2 pm Coles Carlingwood in Ottawa

I will be at Coles Carlingwood on Saturday February 17 from 11-2 pm. A little late for Valentines, but not too late to show some love for Sgt, Windflower. And to get a signed copy of A Tangled Web.

Goodreads Giveaway

Another fabulous opportunity to get a signed and free copy of A Tangled Web, the latest Sgt. Windflower Mystery. Two copies available. But only open to residents of the U.S. Dang those Goodreads Giveaway rules.!! Contest runs from Feb 1 to Feb 20, 2018.

More Great Reviews

Two more great reviews for A Tangled Web. One from The Telegram newspaper by well-known Canadian review, Joan Sullivan.

She says:

““A Tangled Web” reunites readers with Windflower’s colleagues and friends, like Betsy Molloy, Eddie Tizzard, and Dr. Sanjay. Windflower walks the trails beside the hospital, holds press conferences at the Lion’s Club, and meets for lunches at The Mug-Up. Martin keeps his emphasis on descriptive local settings and amicable characters as the police procedure and criminal action unfolds”

And another from Margy Meanders from Powell River Books

Margy says;

“The author could have chosen any locale in which to set his story, but the Newfoundland setting is a perfect match. Mike’s writing style gave me a strong mental picture of the people and places. I was able to relate personally. Even if you’ve never been to Newfoundland, the plot and characters will make you feel right at home.”


Thank you for your support of the Windflower Holiday Book Sale

In case you missed it, this year’s edition of the Windflower Holiday Book Sale raised $600 for the Minwaashin Lodge-Indigenous Women’s Support Centre in Ottawa. If you still want to donate they could use the money all year round to provide a range of programs and services to First Nations, Inuit and Metis women and children who are survivors of domestic and other forms of violence, and who may also be suffering the effects of the residential school system.

For more information about Minwaashin Lodge-Indigenous Women’s Support Centre and to make your own donation please visit:

Thank you for supporting Minwaashin Lodge– Indigenous Women’s Healing Centre


Where to Buy A Tangled Web


A Tangled Web is now available at many fine retail locations across Canada. It will soon be available in many more Chapters/Coles/Indigo stores. We’ll try to keep you updated. In the meantime, here are some of our favourite retail locations and below is the list of online retailers where you can order A Tangled Web at any time.

(If your local store doesn’t have A Tangled Web in stock, ask them to order some copies)


Toronto, Ontario

Sleuth of Baker Street

Indigo Yonge/Eglinton


Ottawa, Ontario

Books on Beechwood

Perfect Books

Chapters South Keys

Chapters Rideau

Coles Carlingwood


Kingston, Ontario

Novel Idea Bookstore


Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador

Coles Corner Brook Mall


St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

Downhome Shoppe and Gallery, Water St.

Elaine’s Books, Duckworth St.

Chapters Kenmount Road

Coles Avalon Mall

Coles Village Mall


Don’t forget to follow Sgt. Windflower on Facebook and keep liking and sharing the good news. Thank You!!




Where to Buy A Tangled Web online:



United States

A Tangled Web is available for order from and from in both print and e-book versions



United Kingdom

A Tangled Web is available for order from Amazon UK in both print and e-book versions