3 Favourite Bookstores to Buy A Twist of Fortune

Novel - A Twist of Fortune

A Twist of Fortune


One of the joys of being a writer is to see your books on the bookshelves of a book store. It’s even better when it’s in one of your favourite bookstores. Here are 3 of my favourite bookstores where you can find the new Sgt. Windflower Mystery: A Twist of Fortune.

Books on Beechwood

35 Beechwood Avenue

Ottawa, Ontario

Books on Beechwood

Books on Beechwood is an independent, locally owned, bookstore that reflects the interests of the surrounding neighbourhoods. The selections on literary fiction, biography, and history are particularly strong. They also have a good selection of mysteries, of children’s books and of cookbooks. The collection of several thousand books in the store is backed by the ability to order from a suppliers list of millions of volumes. They are very involved in the community and host special events such as book signings. They also have their own two book clubs which you are welcome to join.



Sleuth of Baker Street

907 Millwood Road

Toronto, Ontario


Sleuth of Baker Street is a bookstore that specializes in mysteries, crime novels, detective fiction, Sherlockiana, spy and thriller novels…lots and lots of mysteries…British, American, Canadian…new, used, out of print. If they haven’t got it, they’ll find it. A newsletter worth paying for, and if you want something other than a mystery, they do lots of special orders.



The Downhome Shoppe and Gallery

303 Water Street

St. John’s, Newfoundland

Downhome Shoppe


A craft and gift store, an art gallery and a bookstore all rolled into one. Yes it’s kitschy and touristy but it is also a great location to buy books, particularly local books. If it’s written by a Newfoundlander, or about Newfoundland, or the Atlantic Ocean you will find it at the Downhome Shoppe. And if you come by on Saturday afternoon you just might be lucky enough to get a taste of the best toutons in St. John’s. If you want to know what toutons are, you have to read Sgt. Windflower Mysteries.



Buy A Twist of Fortune online at Chapters.ca


Stay tuned here for buy links and store locations as they become available. Reviews, events and more are coming soon for A Twist of Fortune.

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