The Reviews So Far: What People are Saying about A Twist of Fortune



The reviews are starting to roll in and reviewers really like A Twist of Fortune. Here are some samples from the reviews to date.

“A Twist of Fortune” is a leisurely stroll through some of Canada’s wild places, where no one can hide from the effects of crime. We get an insight into the communities and people who choose to live away from the bright lights of the cities.”

Rosie Amber: Book Reviewer, Avid Reader and Bookworm


A Twist of Fortune tells the story of drug smuggling gangs and multiple homicides, but the book isn’t fixated on murder mystery and instead weaves the criminal investigation narrative around those of the decline of the local fishing industry and Windflower’s personal life, relationships and his love of the local food and not so local scotch whisky.”

Kindle Book Review


“A Twist of Fortune is the 4th in the Windflower series that grows on you. It’s essentially a character driven story, the character being Winston Windflower and those around him but also a character called Grand Bank Newfoundland, a small town facing change that it’s not quite ready for. It’s a police procedural that feels real, no instant forensic results but the real backstory of how cops deal with a mixture of crime, highways closed because of weather and small town life meeting today’s demands.”

Don Graves D.D. Mystery Reviews


“Sgt. Winston Windflower is a food loving member of the RCMP.  A Twist of Fortune continues the romantic involvement of Sheila Hillier and Winston through some ups and down.  Sheila is arrested at the beginning of the book for helping to save the fish plant in Grand Banks.  If you have been following their romance you will love the ending of this book.”

Linda Grant aka The Crafty Gardener


A Twist of Fortune is a reminder that good people can do good things, be good friends, and believe in the good life of small communities. Festivities and principles are still important and the Canadian cuisine can still be celebrated. The story reads more like a day-to-day, step-by-step, report of life in a close-knit community, where criminal activities are handled as part of the make-up of the people in town. I would compare it with a Maeve Binchy novel with a crime plot thrown in, without the high drama and suspense of the murder mystery genre.”

Margitte Mayer on Goodreads



“The real strength of A Twist of Fortune lies in the author’s ability to make the characters and setting come alive to the reader. The reader is quickly wrapped up in the lives of the people. The chapters are relatively short and the narrative voice is succinct, dry, straightforward, and easy to read. I liked reading about the morning rituals of the protagonist. The description of the traditional Cree beliefs was certainly a bonus. The sexual activity between the characters is only ever gently implied and I liked that as well.”

Online Book Club


“Sgt Windflower is back and I must admit, this made me smile. He is perhaps the most laidback detective I have ever come across in literature, loving his food and his walks around Grand Bank as much as he does locking up the criminals in the sleepy Newfoundland town. In A Twist of Fortune Sgt Windflower is back on a murder case, as well as keeping an eye on the unrest in Grand Bank caused by the fish plant, one of the town’s biggest industries, closing down.”

Cheryl Pasquier: Madhouse Family Reviews


“Relying on good, old-fashioned detective work to solve his cases, Sgt. Windflower thrives in a skilfully nuanced, though not overly contrived plot that delivers a number of surprises, but it’s the dialogue and the subtleties of Windflower’s character that really makes this superb detective novel stand out. On many levels he defies our expectations, living his life according to values which are wholly congruent with the setting that surrounds him and it’s due credit to Martin that he captures the beauty, contrasts and grandeur of his chosen backdrop to create a real sense of visual ambience.”

Book Viral


“Sgt. Winston Windflower becomes more interesting with each book. He is not the typical renegade or fast action cop; he does his job, follows the rules whenever possible, and keeps his balance with his beliefs and personal relationships. He has high expectations of the people he supervises and doesn’t let problems slide and yet has great empathy. The other characters hold their own too, especially Tizzard, Sheila, Herb and the coroner. In A Twist of Fortune the plot is well done; the Mounties must work together to track the complicated drug network. I especially love the setting. In this book the Newfoundland winter is a major factor. Some might think the snowstorms are overdone but those of us in the northern climes are well aware that once one of these systems starts pounding an area, it can be relentless. Well done!”

Prairie House Reviews


This book is well written and is the kind of story that makes you feel good when you read it. The characters are well-developed and it has a strong plot. Though there is probably a little too much focus on food and coffee consumption, the story unfolds nicely and comes together well at the end. It has the perfect blend of showing an interesting daily life, the charm of a small town, the intrigue of police work, and the love shared between two people in a strong relationship. A Twist of Fortune is well-written, entertaining and interesting, and while at times it is a bit predictable, it doesn’t detract from the quality of the story. It’s a fun and heart-warming book that makes you want to read the rest of the series.

Red City Reviews

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