More Great Reviews for A Long Ways from Home


Here are 3 great reviews for A Long Ways from Home, the new Sgt. Windflower Mystery. The first from the well-respected mystery review website Reviewing the Evidence. The second, a unique and funny review from Harold Walters of Book Remarks in the Clarenville Packet newspaper. Finally, one from the Miramichi Reader, the source for great book reviews from Atlantic Canada.


Review of A Long Ways from Home on Reviewing the Evidence

“A LONG WAYS FROM HOME will appeal to readers who enjoy Newfoundland settings, stories with an aboriginal twist, and simply well-told tales about ordinary people caught up in life on what is, when all is said and done, a very small island.”


Review of A Long Ways from Home in the Clarenville Packet newspaper

“Yahoo, Sgt. Windflower rides again!! When all is said and done, Mike Martin’s Sgt. Windflower novels are fine reads.”


Review of A Long Ways from Home in the Miramichi Reader

The Miramichi Reader says “If you like police detective crime fiction that takes place outside the customary big city setting, then the Windflower mysteries will be enjoyable to you.”


Don’t Forget: Goodreads Giveaway for A Long Ways from Home Nov 1- Nov 15

Enter to win a copy of the new Sgt. Windflower Mystery: A Long Ways from Home. Set in beautiful Newfoundland at the eastern tip of Canada. Cool, cozy, Canadian crime fiction. Giveaway opens on Nov 1, 2016.


Where to Buy a Long Ways from Home



Books on Beechwood



Sleuth of Baker Street



Novel Idea Bookstore



Audrey’s Books


Books are now available in Chapters/Coles/Indigo across Canada. Locations coming soon. If your local store doesn’t have A Long Ways from Home in stock, ask them to order some copies. Or you can order any Sgt. Windflower Mystery online and get the book shipped right to your house. You can also ask your local library to order some copies as well. Many of the bigger libraries have already ordered copies, but you can ask your local branch and they will bring in a copy for you.

Below are the online links where you can buy A Long Ways from Home. Don’t forget to follow Sgt. Windflower on Facebook and keep liking and sharing the good news. Thank You!!








Amazon Canada


Amazon UK






Barnes and Noble





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