The Early Reviews: A Tangled Web is another great Sgt. Windflower adventure

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The Early Reviews are in. A Tangled Web is another great Sgt. Windflower
A Tangled Web is starting to get some reviews from people in Canada and around the
world. So far, the news is good. Very good. Canada, France and the United States are
on the map.
Cecile Sune, Book Blogger and Reviewer
Ottawa, Ontario
“Winston Windflower is true to form, level-headed and efficient, and Newfoundland is a
beautiful background to the story. A very enjoyable read indeed.”
Cheryl Pasquier Madhouse Family Reviews
St Pol sur Mer France
“Settling down with a Sgt. Windflower mystery is like pulling on your favourite cozy
pyjamas and fluffy slippers.”
Joyce Fox Book Reviewer
United States
“I enjoyed the presence of a First Nations police officer and thought he was very well
represented. I appreciated the little aphorisms that were dropped in throughout the
book. The small town in Newfoundland seems like such a nice place. This is my first
Mike Martin novel and I immediately went to Amazon to look at his other Windflower
Where to Buy A Tangled Web
A Tangled Web in Canada is now available at many fine retail locations across
Canada. It will soon be available in many more Chapters/Coles/Indigo stores. We’ll try
to keep you updated. In the meantime, here are some of our favourite retail locations
and below is the list of online retailers where you can order A Tangled Web at any time.
United States
United Kingdom
Amazon UK
Amazon Canada
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