Reviews of Darkest Before the Dawn are Coming In: And People Love It!!

Front Cover

Online Book Review 4 out of 4 Stars

“Really, what’s not to love? Style, check. Grammar, check. Plot, check. Character development, double check. I rate Darkest Before the Dawn 4 out of 4 stars. If you enjoy good murder mysteries and thrillers, you should read this book”

First Review on Great Setting, Lovely Characters, Topical Plot

“To me, this series is truly cozy – the crimes are realistic, but not excessively detailed; there’s an interesting central character (a Cree Indian Mountie), a great location (Newfoundland, Canada), a small-town setting; snappy dialogue; richly-detailed and dimensional secondary characters; intriguing plots; a love of food; and a good dog. That hits all the points on my cozy list.”

Denise Z.

First NetGalley Review  Like Taking a Leisurely Holiday

“It was just such a pleasure to read this book; pleasant, like taking a leisurely holiday away from my usual detective thrillers, intriguing, well-written and relaxing.  I finished this book with the sense that the mystery storyline was actually secondary to the story of Sgt. Windflower, his family, friends and colleagues, and the intertwining of their lives in a small Newfoundland community – punctuated by the odd murder or two.”

Hazel M.

Coming in the November issue of Midwest Book Review 

“The story line is as rooted in home life and community plans as it is in murder and motive. Readers interested in a small-town setting and a whodunit that is satisfyingly complex and thought-provoking will find Darkest Before the Dawn excels at creating a realistic atmosphere that keeps the story fast-paced and involving.”

Darkest Before the Dawn is highly recommended for murder mystery readers who like their stories as filled with life as with death.”

Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review











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