Second Sgt.Windflower Mysteries Audiobook is Now Available!!

The Body on the T FC


The Body on the T Audiobook is now available

The Body on the T is the second book in the Sgt. Windflower Mystery series and once again it is being narrated by Frank Kearney. Frank and I met through an audition he submitted to Audible when we were producing The Walker on the Cape audiobook. He nailed the accent first time. Maybe that shouldn’t be surprising since while he now lives in North Carolina he was born and raised in Newfoundland.

Here is a link to the audiobook on and a sample




The Walker on the Cape is also available in Audiobook version

The Audiobook version of The Walker on the Cape is also available on Audible and through other audiobook retailers.

Here’s a link to The Walker on the Cape audiobook on Audible and a sample

People love the audiobook versions of Sgt. Windflower Mysteries

“This is a delightful audiobook version which I enjoyed so much that I decided to download the ebook too. The combination of Frank Kearney’s excellent narration with Mike Martin’s great dialog really won me over within the first 5 minutes.”

“I love the story because of its simplicity but at the same time the mystery enough to make you continue hearing the book.”

“The Walker on the Cape by Mike Martin is a thoroughly engaging and entertaining narration that combines mystery, good old-fashioned police work by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and wholesome romance set in the beautiful province of Newfoundland.”

Darkest Before the Dawn wins the Bony Blithe Light Mystery Award

We are still pretty pumped about Darkest Before the Dawn winning the Bony Blithe Award as the best light mystery as the best light mystery of the year. Here is a link to a previous blog post on this and a new picture of the Bony Blithe plaque that was presented along with a cheque for $1,000. The money is long gone, but this will live on forever.

Memories and Mysteries: A Windflower Christmas

Memories and Mysteries: A Windflower Christmas is a collection of short stories that will be released in September of this year. These stories started as a way to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends. Now I offer them to you and yours. Look for it this fall

New Windflower book this fall

Yes, there will be another Sgt. Windflower mystery. Coming this October, Fire, Fog and Water (title may change) continues the adventures of Windflower and the Grand Bank gang. There are changes and challenges, especially for Corporal Eddie Tizzard, but there are also some great meals and good friends to help make life more enjoyable. While you are waiting here’s where you can still get Darkest Before the Dawn

Darkest Before the Dawn is available in many bookstores across Canada including Chapters/Indigo and many independent stores.







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