First Review of A Perfect Storm, New Sgt. Windflower Mystery






Advance praise for A Perfect Storm

“A thoroughly compelling work that is hard to put down.”

Midwest Book Review

The ninth book in the Sgt. Windflower mystery series, A Perfect Storm, has the usually-quiet Newfoundland town of Grand Bank under siege from biker drug gangs who invade, presenting many new challenges to Windflower and Mayor Sheila Hillier as they simultaneously face crises at home and in the workplace.

More so than in past mysteries, Mike Martin crafts a sense of intrigue that is complex in its multifaceted subplots and special interests. This adds a delightful flavor to the story, creating a series of calls to action that can’t always be answered by effective choices.

It’s unusual to receive detailed family interactions beyond the professional level, in a mystery. Martin’s attention to detail in exploring these evolving relationships adds authenticity and compelling psychological touches to personalize the reader’s connection with Windflower’s life and world.

The result is a gripping murder mystery that not only expands the prior series but creates an engrossing stand-alone saga that is easy for newcomers to access. It’s a thoroughly compelling work that is hard to put down.

Diane Donovan Senior Reviewer Midwest Book Reviews


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A Perfect Storm

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