Early Reviews for Christmas in Newfoundland: Memories and Mysteries

Christmas cover

The early reviews are in and they are great.  Here is a sampling:

Lovely, Lovely Read

Oh my – this really is the icing on the cake (or snowy Christmases in Newfoundland) for the Sgt. Windflower Mysteries.   If you’ve not read any, then start at the beginning, they’re really good reads. I adored reading this collection of stories depicting St Johns and Grand Bank over Christmas periods past and present. Mike Martin paints pictures and creates atmosphere so clearly with his writing and elicits some rather emotional responses to the love and kindnesses shown at this particular time of year through his wonderful characters and memories.  Goodness – when Winston saves Christmas – well, have tissues nearby.

Hazel M. Reviewer

United Kingdom


Highly Recommended

For those for whom this is the first exposure to the series, the Sgt. Winston Windflower mystery series shares tales about a Mountie who finds himself with a new family and a new life in tiny Grand Bank, Newfoundland. Many of the characters from the first volume remain and most assuredly the setting of the dramas remains a place we learn to know well, but Mike Martin has that uncanny ability to open a new story with enough mix of entertainment and magnetizing hints of the mystery to come to capture the attention and imagination. Like this section from A Grand Bank Christmas: “This is a long slow stroll through winter and Christmas past in the small Town of Grand Bank, Newfoundland, home of adventure and the famous Grand Bank schooner, and for a ten-year-old boy and a nine-year-old girl, a world of magic and wonder.”

Grady Harp Amazon Top Contributor

Los Angeles, California


Other reviewers said:

“A wonderful new way to look at Christmas”

“Some really good ‘comfort food’ stories”

“A collection to be cherished and shared with children and grandchildren”

“If you like the other Sgt. Windflower stories you will love this book”

You can read all the early reviews here:



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