Christmas in July??? Well, August

Christmas may be still a ways off, but we’re happy to announce that Christmas in Newfoundland 2: Memories and Mysteries will be coming in October, 2022. This new collection will feature all new stories from growing up in St. John’s all the ay around the island of Newfoundland.

Christmas in Newfoundland 2: Memories and Mysteries continues the stories of the magic of Christmas past and present. There are memories of a wide-eyed child in St. John’s in the 1960’s with sledding and skating and road hockey every day of a very long winter. There are also acts of kindness by almost complete strangers and a chance to share some of the joys of music in this magical season.

There are plenty of stories of mystery and intrigue and suspense from Windflower and the gang and we get to see Christmas through the eyes of his two little girls, Amelia Louise and Stella. As well as some special memories from Eddie Tizzard and his family. Even one from Herb Stoodley, Windflower’s best friend, who finds himself an unlikely Christmas hero on one snowy Christmas.

Come back to Christmas in St. John’s, Grand Bank and a special trip to Ramea, a long, long time ago. When some people hung their Christmas tree from the ceilings in their kitchen and mummers were a regular tradition. You might even learn a little about a special Newfoundland Christmas event, Tibb’s Eve, which always was an occasion for another celebration of Christmas. If you haven’t got the spirt of Christmas yet, this book will help get you started.

Stay tuned for more information, contests, giveaways and more.

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